Raw placenta encapsulation


This post is not for the faint hearted, the squeamish, or those easily offended by blood or placentas. You have been warned. If however you are interested in the fascinating process of placenta encapsulation, then read on…. (click on the thumbnails for larger images)


An encapsulation can be quite messy and there is a lot of cleaning involved; before, during and after. When expecting the arrival of a new placenta I have to deep clean the room that I use. This takes quite some time. Bleaching, cleaning, washing… worktops, sinks, floors, cupboards with hospital grade cleaners.  All the equipment has to be completely clean and sterilized and I have a big tub with 30 litres of sterilizing fluid set up. I wear a lab coat, tie my hair back and use a mask and gloves to stop myself being contaminated with any blood.  The amount of gloves I get through in one encapsulation is ridiculous!

So, the photos above show a very healthy, large placenta. There were no fat or calcium deposits on this one and it was left with a beautiful long cord. I made some placenta prints before cutting off the cord to make a keepsake and starting on making a smoothie.


The process of encapsulation takes quite some time. What with all the prep work, all the cleaning, hours of dehydration and preparation of any other remedies.  Above you can see me making a smoothie from mango, goji berries, blueberries, strawberries, banana and of course, placenta. Then there are photos of the raw cord keepsake, and the keepsake after dehydration. And of course a photo of more cleaning!


Once dehydrated and ground down I turn the placenta into capsules. This takes quite some time but is quite therapeutic! I have noticed that raw placenta powder smells earthy and healthy, like bran or flax, whilst TCM placenta powder smells like liver, and is much finer. The photos above show me making the capsules, and the finished products, as well as the making of placenta essence.

Of course, after all this there is more cleaning to be done! The room needs to be completely cleaned as does the equipment. I soak all the equipment in a solution of Helizyme which gets rid of any blood or flesh particles. Then it all gets sterilized in the big tub of stabimed. The worktops and surfaces are bleached then cleaned with Clinell santizing wipes. The floor is bleached and mopped and the sink, taps, draining board etc are bleached.  After sterlizing over night the clean equipment goes into a big sterile tub ready for the next encapsulation.


About TheBelfastDoula

My name is Hazel and I'm a mother of 4 gorgeous littluns ranging in age from 3 to 17. They keep me busy, but in my spare time I volunteer as a doula and fundraiser for Doula-Vision NI. I completed my doula training in March 2012 and plan to work full time eventually, but for the moment I am gaining experience and reading as many baby and pregnancy books as I can get my hands on. This blog will follow my doula life right from training to beyond. Outside of doula-ing I also love many other things including cooking. I'm a trained nutritionist and have a keen interest in vegetarian and vegan food. I love cooking and eating food from all around the world. I am a huge music fan and attend as many gigs as I can afford to. I like writing and spent many years writing to a penpal on death row, until the inevitable sadly happened. I travel as much as I can (when time and finances allow) and have taken my littluns on a six month road trip across America.

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