Baby belly bump casting


I’ve been trying out the idea of making casts of pregnant bellies for pregnant mamas, which an serve as a lifelong beautiful reminder of that precious time. I’ve had a few pregnant ladies modelling for me and just completed my first 38 week baby bump.

A lot of women make their own belly casts, but this is taking it much further. I make the cast from plaster bandages, then I sand it down, strengthen it so that it lasts a lifetime, and cover it in a smooth plaster finish. Then I prime it and paint and decorate it, before varnishing and hanging. It’s a lengthy process but every bump can me made completely uniquely.

This bump is decorated with a combination of spray painting, decoupaging, hand painting and the addition of metallic colours. I am really pleased with the final result and hope that this might be something that the lovely mamas of Northern Ireland would be interested in.

From a simple plaster cast, to a beautiful piece of art


About TheBelfastDoula

My name is Hazel and I'm a mother of 4 gorgeous littluns ranging in age from 3 to 17. They keep me busy, but in my spare time I volunteer as a doula and fundraiser for Doula-Vision NI. I completed my doula training in March 2012 and plan to work full time eventually, but for the moment I am gaining experience and reading as many baby and pregnancy books as I can get my hands on. This blog will follow my doula life right from training to beyond. Outside of doula-ing I also love many other things including cooking. I'm a trained nutritionist and have a keen interest in vegetarian and vegan food. I love cooking and eating food from all around the world. I am a huge music fan and attend as many gigs as I can afford to. I like writing and spent many years writing to a penpal on death row, until the inevitable sadly happened. I travel as much as I can (when time and finances allow) and have taken my littluns on a six month road trip across America.

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    • Hi Denise,
      I do still do them ocassionally. Did you send me an enquiry a few weeks ago? I did reply to someone called Denise but it may have gone to your spam folder. You can email me directly at enquiries @ thebelfastdoula

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